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We have all heard different suggestions on how to charge a phone in order to maintain its battery quality for as long as possible. The general notion is that you need to charge it only when it dies completely, as well as need to charge it all the way to full and that if you charge it partially, it will damage the battery. Although this was true for older phone batteries (Nickel-based), the newer lithium-ion batteries are quite different.

In order to keep a lithium-ion battery at its best quality for as long as possible, it is best to keep it charged at around 50%. Unlike Nickel-based batteries which have the memory effect, lithium-ion batteries experience stress if charged (or discharged) too much. As impractical as keeping your battery life around 50% is for daily life, this is the point where your battery is most comfortable and will, therefore, sustain its life. The lower you drop below 50% the more harmful it is, and the same goes with above 50%, so keep that in mind when deciding how to charge it.

The best-possible behaviour to follow when trying to prolong your battery is to charge it in short bursts every time it drops by 10%. For example, if you start at the desirable 50% and it drops down to 40%, charge it. Now, we understand this is not always possible, so try to adjust your charging percentage and leeway according to how you live your life. In the end, you still need your phone, so there might not be another option other than charging it more and letting it discharge more.

No matter what you do, your device battery life will always degrade a bit. Even if you don’t use the phone it will degrade. The best way to keep it going for as long as possible is just as we have explained above. Try to stick to these guidelines as closely as you can, and you will get the best outcome. Happy charging!


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