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Fast fashion is a lame way of acquiring your fashion pieces – these days it’s far more sustainable to buy and sell clothes second hand, plus it’s a way to get some rather unique pieces for your closet. Now, enough about the clothes, let’s get onto the apps you can use to sell sell sell!


Many start with Instagram as it is probably the most familiar platform to most, with the widest possible audience. Best of all – it’s FREE! With Instagram, it’s simple to post your clothes pics, prices and other information in an easy and logical way. It’s simple: post a pic, and the price, share it to your story, your friends and the nationwide thrift hashtag, and you’ll get a few followers, some enquiries and then sales! Once items have sold – just delete the picture! Easy, right? If you want to buy different pieces for yourself, they’re easy to find on Instagram too.


Depop is more of an American app, but some South Africans are on it too. This app is geared towards thrift sales, and has probably been around the longest. It’s basically like selling on Instagram but rather on a dedicated thrifting platform, so really the choice is up to you if you want to keep your ‘gram and your thrift separate.


Yaga is a South African thrifting app where you’re more likely to find local brands and even some handmade pieces. It is a great platform that is easy to use and makes it super easy to list, sell and send. It’s safe, easy and thrifty!

Are you ready to sell those clothes that no longer fit, you never wear or haven’t taken the tag off yet? Do some research on the above thrift apps and find which one will be most beneficial to you.

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