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iPhone’s new “Bedtime” mode is a useful app, tracking your sleeping pattern to help improve your health.

Setting up Bedtime
Launch the app and press the “Get Started” button. Set the days you’d like to be woken up and press “Next”. Then set time in which want to be woken. Then you set the number of hours of sleep you need. You can also set a “bedtime reminder,” an alarm which will go off, a few minutes before bedtime. You select an alarm ring tone. Once you’ve completed the setup you’ll see a graph in the clock app.

Viewing your sleep stats
You can view your sleep stats by going into the alarm clock app and looking at the “Bedtime” screen. You can view all your “Sleep History bars”, to see more in-depth data, you can tap “More history” at the bottom of the screen (this opens the Health app, which is where your sleep history is stored) From Health, you can view data on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, in a graph format. Tapping on the graph will show your data as a list.

Changing your settings
To change the settings, go into the Bedtime screen of your alarm clock app and tap “Options” at the top left of your screen. From there you can change the days you, your reminder, time and what sound ring.

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