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If you just got yourself a new iPhone and need to move all your data over from an Android device, it can be a bit scary. As daunting as the task may seem, it’s actually quite a simple process and shouldn’t take too long to do.

The first thing you will need to do is download the Move to iOS app, from your Google Play store, on your Android device.

In the meantime, you can turn on your new iPhone and begin the setup process. After setting up your new device, you should come to a screen which is titled “Apps & Data”. If you look at the options available, you will see the “Move Data from Android” option. Select it. You will now be taken to another screen which instructs you to download the android app (which you would have already done).

Open Move to iOS on your Android device and click “Continue” on both your devices. A code should pop up on your iPhone. Enter this on your Android device. Once the code has been entered, your Android will connect to your iPhone and determine what can be transferred. You will then be given the option to choose exactly what data you would like to copy to your iPhone. Select the options you want and click “Next” to begin transferring the data.

Once everything is done transferring, you will be given the option to “Continue Setting up iPhone”, where you will be able to log in to an existing Apple ID or create a new one. When the setup process is finished, you will be prompted to log into the accounts that you transferred from your Android device.

The transfer process shouldn’t take too long, but it depends on how much data you have to transfer, so be patient if it takes a while. You should have all your data on your new iPhone in no time.


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