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The ability to capture a screenshot on your iPad is something that can come in ultra handy for all sorts of reasons, from snapping a frame from a video to creating a preview image of a project or document that you’re working on. Capturing what you see on the screen can also be hugely helpful as a way of explaining to someone any difficulties you may be encountering on your device or with a specific app. That said, here are a few simple ways to take a screenshot on your iPad.

Button Combinations For Models From 2017 And Earlier

This method works across the board for all models released up to and including 2017, namely iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. This essentially covers all models that have a home button, as this is one of the buttons that will need to be used in combination to capture a screenshot. First, locate the Power and Home buttons. Press down on both buttons simultaneously. You should see a preview of the screenshot in the lower left corner of the screen, which, when tapped, will allow you to edit the image in Instant Markup. If you’re happy with the screenshot as is, simply wait a few seconds and the preview will disappear, saving the unedited image to your device.

Button Combinations For 2018 iPad Pro Models

Taking a screenshot on the later iPad models that no longer have the home button features also involves using button combinations, making the menouvre just as simple on the earlier models, but slightly different. First, locate the Power and Volume Up buttons. Press both buttons simultaneously. As with the other models, a preview of the screenshot should appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, which can be edited or saved as is.

Where To Find Your Saved Screenshots

All screenshots taken on Apple devices are automatically saved to the Photo library. If you don’t want to scroll through your whole gallery to find a specific screenshot image, there will also be a folder within the Photo library called Screenshots, where all screenshot images are also automatically saved.

Who knew that taking an iPad screenshot could be so quick and simple? Be sure to try out the relevant button combination method on your Apple iPad so that you can share screenshots with friends and colleagues in seconds!



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