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Snapchat is all the rage right now. The budding social media platform lets you easily talk with friends and followers through video, image and text. Besides just sending picture and video messages to your friends, the best feature of Snapchat is definitely its Stories feature.

Snapchat Stories lets you display pictures and videos to all of your followers at once. They’re only available for 24 hours from the time you publish them.

While you can save your Snapchat Stories during every 24-hour period from inside the app, there is no easy way to look back on a bunch of your Story snaps at once.

Now you don’t have to lose your Snapchat Stories forever. A new service called SnapMemories can download all your Snapchat Stories for you and then bundles them up and delivers them to you via email each month.

This is how it works: 

Go to SnapMemories website.

Sign up with your name, your Snapchat name and your email address. Your Snapchat settings need to be set to public for this to work.

And you’re set! On the first day of every month, SnapMemories will send you an email with a link to let you download the previous month’s Snapchat Stories. Since SnapMemories is brand new, you’ll get your first email on the 1st of March.
SnapMemories; Business Insider
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