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Is your phone being a stickler for portrait mode, refusing to rotate when you turn it sideways? Don’t fret, there are a few easy fixes for this issue.

Enable the Auto Rotate Option

The most common reason for your Android phone’s screen not automatically rotating is the disabled auto-rotate feature. Once you turn it on, your phone will smoothly adjust on-screen content as you change its orientation.

On most Android phones, you can enable this option by swiping down twice from the top of your phone’s screen and tapping “Auto Rotate.”

Make Your Phone’s Home Screen Rotatable

To activate home screen rotation on a Samsung Galaxy phone:

  • Open the Settings application. Within Settings, locate and choose “Home Screen”
  • Then switch on “Rotate to Landscape Mode”

And there you have it. Return to your home screen, tilt your phone sideways, and watch as the screen seamlessly transitions into landscape mode!

Source: How-to-Geek

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