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If you have thick daily planners with pages, pens, bookmarks and chaos, this is the blogpost for you. Wouldn’t it be so much easier, more environmentally friendly and even less chaotic to have all your plans, emails and more all in one place? We think so too. 


We’ve seen great things on Pinterest where you can create a motivational, productive and wonderfully cross platform planner all on your iPad. Here’s the scoop – Goodnotes ($7.99 or R120) is a great place to create a to-do-list, planner or even study notes. There are planner templates created by others on the app, making it super easy to import it and have an eco-friendly planner that is pleasing to the eye as well. See more on making a Goodnotes planner here >


If paid apps aren’t your thing, others use Keynote to make a planner from scratch. Keynote is free with Apple devices, and it is rather easy to create a great planner from it as well. Here’s how >


Check these options out if you’re keen to go paperless, otherwise you do you and stick to your writing it all down method, we don’t judge.

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