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It comes in quite handy when your computer remembers familiar networks without you having to grant permission to connect every time. However, sometimes you might have difficulty with your home or work Wi-Fi, which could be easily fixed by simply removing the network from your Wi-Fi list and then reconnecting.

We have three easy steps that you can follow to forget a network on a Mac. These steps were done using the newest version of MacOS (Catalina), but remain the same on most versions of MacOS.

Step 1: Open Network Preferences

At the top right of your screen click on the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon in your Finder bar, which will open a list of available Wi-Fi networks nearby. At the bottom of that list, click on ‘Open Network Preferences’. Here you will find all the advanced settings for your Mac’s network.

Step 2: Open Advanced Settings

This is where you can add or remove network adapters, switch your Wi-Fi off or on and configure settings individually for your Wi-Fi networks. You will also be able to see your network IP address which can be useful for diagnosing network related problems.

Remember this menu in case forgetting a network doesn’t fix your Wi-Fi problems for further troubleshooting. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button in the bottom right corner of the menu to proceed.

Step 3: Remove Network

After clicking the ‘Advanced’ button, different options and preferences panes will be shown. This menu is used to manually add networks, access your TCP/IP settings, find your network hardware settings and allocate your Mac’s unique Wi-Fi address. You can also prioritise and organise your networks by clicking and dragging the networks up and down the list.

For the final step, you will need to click the network you want to forget. Then click on the minus icon (-) at the bottom of the list to forget it. Once you have done that, the network you selected has been forgotten. 

Restart your Mac and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi network you forgot. We hope that this has solved your network issues!

Source: Digital Trends

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