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It goes without saying that we all deserve a holiday! With one tough year followed by another we have been bombarded by the media (and sometimes fake news) but now more than ever we need a breather from this digital overload. 

With working from home, Zoom calls, socialising digitally and keeping up with current affairs, our devices have become a bionic limb, and it’s hard to imagine that we need to put these tools out of service for a while, as we can give ourselves a much-needed reboot.

This December is the perfect time to take a break, take a different pace and look up from your screen to smell the roses. So how do you start a digital detox? If you get 1 of 3 down that’s an achievement!


1. Put it far away! 


The most effective or should we say the strictest strategy would be to put on your out of office, store your device in a drawer and sit back and relax.

We get that your phone very often needs to be by your side, as it’s our main form of communication and connection with the outside world. So head to your settings and turn off notifications on work apps and better yet social apps. 

Another way to make sure you check yourself is by watching your screen time. Luckily for us, most smartphones give us a report of which apps and for how long we have spent on them. Don’t be too hard on yourself in the beginning, but it will give you a good indication of how you spend your valuable time!


2. Immerse yourself in other activities! 


Yes, going ‘cold turkey’ may be a bit of an adjustment. You may feel completely disconnected but if you fill that gap with activities and experiences you have never done before it will be a rewarding one.

There is no better time than the December holidays to wind down and use your time off to recharge and reconnect. We are in no way saying that you mustn’t capture all your fun memories and activities but try to use your device only for capturing and leave posting and worrying about likes for later.


3. Some reflection is never a bad thing!


Reflect on the year past and the year ahead and how you felt taking time off from your device. The digital detox experience can give you some great insights into better ways to achieve a healthier relationship with social media and maintain a more sustainable work/life balance in the new year. 

We wish you the happiest of holidays and know that if you are snapping some festive pics of the fam, you drop your phone and crack your screen we are here for you! Even if you feel like your battery is not surviving the long trips, come in and get a battery replacement. Have a look where one of our nationwide stores is closest to you:

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