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As the festive season rapidly approaches, so does the need to buy gifts for friends and loved ones. If you’re not too up to date with what is going on in the world of technology and accessories, don’t worry, we’ve got a list of items you can get as gifts. The gifts range from small and sweet to much more extravagant ones, so there are a number of options you can choose according to your budget and your relationship with the person receiving the gift.

A cellphone case
Quite a small gift, this is usually bought as an addition to other things. But cellphone cases have become a lot more creative and flashier than they used to be. Often the look outweighs the function but there are some great finds out there that protect your phone as well as have a great feature. Some have moving objects in them; some are even scented; you just have to find one that the person you are getting it for will love.

A PopSocket
PopSockets are cute little grips that you can buy to be attached to the back of almost any phone. They make it easier and more comfortable to hold your phone as well as can double as a stand for if you like to watch videos while not holding the phone. They come with different designs, so you can choose one accustomed to the person you are getting it for.

Phone Ring
A phone ring, much like the PopSocket, is a grip which goes on the back of the phone. While some people may like the PopSocket for its ability to pop out, others may prefer putting their finger through this elegant and fashionable ring which also happens to double as a stand.

A cellphone car mount
You’ll be surprised how many people would appreciate their phone being mounted in more of a safe, reachable location while driving. Not only does it make driving much safer, but it also allows you to change music more easily as if you were doing it on the car radio. It also allows the driver to put a phone call on speaker and hear the person they are speaking to without having to pick the phone up.

A Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth speakers are great gifts for almost anyone. If the person loves music and likes to play music from their phone a lot, this gift will make their day, month and even the next few years as it gives them joy every time they get to listen to their music louder and at a much better quality, no matter where they are.

A new smartphone
Yes, understandably this would be for much closer friends or family and would be quite expensive, but if someone you love needs one and you are happy to get them one, go for it. With the recent launch of the iPhone 11 in September as well as the Huawei Y9s, which launched on the 8th of November and should be available in South Africa soon, you have 2 great new options right up there on the “must-have list”.

There is no shortage of great gifts to get this festive season. You can find something with minimal searching required and get away with some excellent responses from the people you are spoiling. Just get out there and keep your eyes open for that perfect gift.


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