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Apple has always been incredibly serious when it comes to privacy and security. Google will be implementing a privacy change to Incognito Tabs in Google Chrome on iOS. Apple is constantly updating its privacy parameters for its users, so this Google Chrome update comes as no surprise.

Incognito tabs don’t really help if they stay open in your browser, and recent apps. One minute you’re browsing anonymously, only to hand your phone to your friend later in the day when they ask to Google something and then open up to find some unsavory searches on your behalf.

iOS users will be able to enable a setting in which when opening any Incognito tab, it requires Face or TouchID to reveal the screen from it’s private, blurred state. You will be able to  enable this feature by going to Settings, Google Chrome, Incognito Tabs Privacy and then enabling it. It will then ask you to verify yourself each time you open an Incognito Tab.

Look out for the Chrome update, as we’re expecting it soon.

(not yet updated at time of writing)

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