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Apple has the distinct feature of using technology in an intuitive way to better your life and they’ve hit the nail on the head by managing to seamlessly integrate getting healthy with just a touch of the button.

If you’ve never explored the HealthKit before (search Health on your iPhone – you have it), these awesome features might just be enough to convince you to give it a try for the first time.

Use it to get more active

Activity in the HealthKit encourages you to “Sit less. Move more. Get some exercise”, and that’s exactly what Activity does. As is, your device will record the number of flights climbed, steps you’ve taken and your walking and running distance. Once you’ve opened the app, the Activity icon will be shown in an easy to view grid (a great upgrade from the original layout) and once tapped, you can easily track your progress for the week.

There are several options as well that allow you to add extra data to your overview by selecting them as favourites, but bear in mind, you’ll need extra apps (available on the Appstore) to integrate some of the data. On another note, depending on what you would like to track – a wearable device is a better choice to record data as it tracks movement, even if your device isn’t on you when you head outdoors or put your device down while moving around.

Use it to sleep better

Getting a good night’s rest equates to having a good, productive day and with Sleep, it has a subtle way of encouraging you to put your phone down and getting those much needed zzz’s. Apps that integrate with this feature has additional benefits, such recording your snoring or sleeptalking and allowing you to play it back the next morning. In the alarm section of your device (found by swiping up and selecting the clock), you can set a weekly bed and wake time and it will notify you in advance that it’s almost time for bed.

Use it to practice mindfulness

We live busy, stressful lives. The simple act of taking a mere 5-10 minutes of your life to center yourself is not only beneficial to your overall well-being but your health too. Using a secondary app will alert you that it’s time to take a few minutes of deep breathing or close your eyes.

As the description states, “Quiet your mind. Relax your body. Be in the moment”. The benefits are vast and simple to achieve, especially with the hectic lives we live and it’s definitely something we recommend trying out.

Use it to measure and record

Another great feature of the HealthKit is the many measurements it allows you to track. From entering simple information like your weight and height to tracking your reproductive health or vitals. Data can be manually added day to day or recorded with the help of an app or device connected to the HealthKit, making it much easier to keep an eye on your health.

With the convenience of tracking it on one dashboard or being able to tell your doctor information like your changing blood pressure or heart rate, having this information at hand could be beneficial when you least expect it to be.

Eat better through nutrition

The list could continue on forever with all the great features you could use HealthKit for, but for our final favourite feature, Nutrition is quite nifty for calculating your food intake. It tracks intakes like the amount of water or caffeine you consume to the breakdown of vitamins in your food. It simplifies figuring out what could be causing the delay in getting that perfect summer body!

Our final takeaways

Within each of the features, namely Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition, and Sleep – there is a list of recommended apps that work well in recording your data and sharing it to HealthKit.

If you’d like to take steps to a better and healthier you, try out the HealthKit and experience discover for yourself how this well built, ready to use app could change your life for the better!

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