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Take an insider look into which local apps are taking on the challenge of tantalizing our taste buds and feeding our cravings this lockdown.

Uber Eats
We may as well start with the largest food delivery platform in the country. With hundreds of chain restaurants and smaller unique businesses to scroll through, there’s almost no chance you won’t find what you’re looking for to soothe your cravings. The app’s quick and easy order and delivery process allows you to check out and track your meals in minutes- or seconds if you’re a regular. The app’s tipping system allows you to ensure that drivers are paid and treated fairly, so you can feel that much better about every scrumptious purchase. So why the wait? Go on and treat yourself!  Nationwide

This inspiring organization ensures that you get your foodie fix, whilst giving back to local farmers and communities in need. Their food philosophy aims to deliver fresh, organic and locally sourced food to your doorstep, operating with the highest sustainability standards in mind. It’s really quite simple- order from an array of recipes crafted by the UCOOK chef team, and have the ingredients delivered to you to prepare and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. This is a great way to treat yourself whilst supporting our local people and who knows, maybe you’ll be our next MasterChef in no time!.

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Mr D Food:
Mr D has become one of the best ways to satisfy your weekend or, “I don’t cook on Wednesdays” feeling. This franchise operates in 53 different areas and has partnered with 6000 restaurants around the country to ensure you never skip a well-earned meal or sweet treat again! As a Mr D Food member, you can enjoy tons of specials and coupons and tailor your payment methods to card, cash, Ebucks or in-app EFT. Whether you’re in for tapas, gyros, turkish or sushi- trust Mr D to have the ideal option for you.

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Daily Dish
Bringing the farm life to your doorstep, this delivery app creates their own unique spin on what enjoying food should feel like. In their original and rustic “do-it-yourself” style, they allow you to select from 20 different meals each week, delivering the ingredients and recipes required for preparing each meal yourself. Although it may seem like a lot of work for a supposed “food delivery app”, the concept allows you to quickly whip up fine quality dishes without any professional help- chefs hat off to you, we’d say. You’ll also be able to order from 5 varied menus so you never get bored of practicing your culinary skills. To top it off, each delivery arrives in recyclable and refrigerated packaging to ensure your goodies remain fresh and scrumptious.
Operates in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal

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Pantry Box
Inspired by the chaotic lifestyle that work life demands, Pantry Box makes it possible for you to breathe a little, and of course.. indulge. Similarly to Daily Dish, this little business can deliver meat, vegetarian and other dietary-specific ingredients to you. With varying portion sizes available and an array of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options to feast your eyes on, you’d be sorry to give it a miss. Of course, you might also be looking for the perfect excuse to show off your Ramsey or Nigella talent to your family and friends this winter/autumn season- which is why they offer hand crafted themed-dinner party boxes. Sounds like a mouthful- because it is.
Operates in Gauteng with a R150 delivery fee for Cape Town, Durban and PE.

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You might just be feeling like a good ol’ fast food treat night but you’re also not looking to spend half your evening queuing in lines and wasting your time. Appetite gets that, which is why they’ve designed their app to work around delivering your takeaway orders quickly and efficiently. The app informs you of local restaurants it has partnered with allowing you to scroll through their menus and select what you’ll want to order. Think of them like the perfect foodie assistant, ready to serve you and all your hunger pleas.
Operates in Port Elizabeth, Durban and Johannesburg

If you’re living it up in Cape Town, there are also many more funky and innovative food delivery options for you, try out two of our favorites: UCook and The Flying Pan for some pretty tasty surprises. 

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