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Get ready for your yearly musical review with Spotify Wrapped!  It’s like unwrapping a present filled with your top tunes, quirks, and musical obsessions from the past year. Dive into the categories you jammed to, groove to your top 100 tracks, sneak a peek at where you rank, and uncover your unique listening persona! Are you ready? 

On the Spotify app, simply open it up and keep an eye out for the “Your 2023 Wrapped” banner. In case you don’t spot it immediately, swipe left on the top menu, and voila! You’ll find the Wrapped button ready to take you to the banner. Tap it, and you’re set!

Prefer using your laptop? No worries! Just hop onto the Spotify website, log in to your account, and keep an eye out for the Wrapped announcement. Click on “Check it out” and you’ll be transported to your Wrapped slideshow. Alternatively, type into your browser.

It’s as easy as that! Happy obsessing over your top artists and songs! 

Source: The Verge

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