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iOS 15 was announced on June 7th 2021, and is slated to launch in the northern hemisphere Autumn. Apple fanatics are very excited for the upcoming release, as it makes a lot of fan-desired changes to the sleek and minimal operating system. We’re sharing our top 4 new features! 

Apple’s official press release generates excitement for what’s to come: 

iOS 15 makes FaceTime calls more natural, introduces SharePlay for shared experiences, helps users focus and be in the moment with new ways to manage notifications, and brings more intelligence to photos and search to quickly access information. Apple Maps unveils beautiful new ways to explore the world, Weather is redesigned with full-screen maps and more graphical displays of data, Wallet adds support for home keys and ID cards, and browsing the internet with Safari is even simpler with a new tab bar design and Tab Groups. iOS 15 also includes new privacy controls in Siri, Mail, and more places across the system to further protect user information.”

FaceTime’s SharePlay

This update to FaceTime allows users to feel closer, especially during these difficult times. Shareplay allows for face-to-face interaction, with experiences such as shared music, streaming and Apple TV  to enhance the ‘hang-out’ experience, as well as spatial audio to give the feeling that the audio is coming from where participants are on the screen.

Focus Time

iOS 15 allows users to be less distracted by social media and notifications by enabling Focus Tools to concentrate on the task at hand. Be it a productive work-day, quality family time or a good night’s rest.

Streamlined Notifications

Notifications are ordered by priority, have a brand new look and are aimed at reducing distraction. App icons are included, and bigger, to ensure that there’s no confusion as to where the notification is from. Notifications that are not time-sensitive are reduced and are shown later.

Live text, enhanced photo search and Memories

Live Text is a great addition to photo AI, being able to translate a picture of writing to plain text that users can copy and paste from the image. Search has been optimised to find exactly who or what you need to find. Memories are now enhanced with Apple Music integration.

And while these only touch the surface of what’s new in the iOS 15 update, they’re excellent features that we’re looking forward to! We’ll just be here until it launches in the South African Spring… If you’d like to read more about Apple’s iOS 15 Press Release, click the link below.


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