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We know what a pain it is when your dearest device takes a tumble or a fall and you have a cracked screen or water damage. While we advise that you leave the final work to the experts (us), here are a few preventative measures to prevent damage in the first place:
Get insured

It’s quite important to get insurance for damage as accidents really do happen quite easily and you’ll be grateful for this if your device requires a repair.

Stay protected
Always ensure you have a screen protector and a solid protective case for your device to safeguard it. iPhones can generally survive short falls depending on the angle and area of the impact as they are tested quite thoroughly. But sometimes the crash is just too hard for the phone to sustain or there is significant water damage.

Here are a few emergency measures to assist with lessening damage after an incident occurs:

Test it
Your device can take a hard knock and still appear to be in a perfect condition. However, you should still test it immediately. Test the power, mute and home button to see if it works. Examine the screen to ensure the entire surface is functioning. Try making an outgoing call and connecting to a Wi-Fi network. If you do have internal issues, contact us for assistance.

Turn it off
Your iPhone fell in the toilet. You chucked it into the washing machine with your clothes. A waitress knocked a glass of wine onto it. We’ve heard it all!

Firstly, retrieve your device as quickly as possible if it submerged into a pool/toilet/bath etc. The longer it remains in the liquid, the greater the likelihood of damage will be.

Whether the damage is substantial or minor, don’t test it. Immediately turn your device off before the liquid reaches the circuitry. You want to cut off power as quickly as possible to prevent the possibility of a short circuit.

Dry the device with a clean towel. Then wrap the phone loosely in a paper towel before placing it in a packet with uncooked rice to absorb as much water as possible. Thereafter, contact us to assess the device to determine the extent of the damage. Finally, resist the urge to turn the device on as this could cause further damage.

We hope these DIY tricks for screen & water damage have helped!

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