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Ever spent ages working out which camera angle best hides your mess of a bedroom from your fellow-zoomers? Or maybe you’re just sick and tired of the same old living room wall that pops up in your background as soon as you click “start video”. The point is, it’s great to shake things up every now and again, and truly make your video calls more you. We sum up a few quick steps to follow so that you can style your Zoom calls however you please. 

  1. Open up your Zoom app, navigate to your profile and then click “Settings”, followed by “Virtual Background” or “Backgrounds and Filters”.
  2. Zoom will open up a few virtual backgrounds for you to choose from, in addition to video filters which can be downloaded as a filter package. These backgrounds will provide you with filters you can tailor to your style and preference. 
  3. If you’d rather upload an image of your choice, scroll over to the far right and click on the little + sign icon followed by “Add Image”. This allows you to make your background a little more sentimental.  To delete any images that you’d like to remove from your library, simply click the ☒ icon available above the image you have scrolled over.
  4. Lastly, if your zoom call is far too early in the morning for you to be looking your best, or you may just need a little touch up- Zoom has the ideal solution for you. Navigate from your “Settings” tab, down toward “Video”, click on the tab and scroll down to “My Video”. Click the “Touch up my appearance” block and work with the airbrush filter to soften the digital look of your skin, giving you a smooth and radiant appeal. You’ll thank us later. 

With these quirky features, you’ll be owning the Zoom call game in no time. Happy Filtering.

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