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The nationwide lockdown is in full swing and while a 21-day rest at home may have sounded appealing, to begin with, you may already be itching for a bit of social interaction. While we can’t say for sure that you’ll be able to kick back with the homies any time soon, these streaming apps can help you and your friends put the social back into distancing by watching a movie online together.


This program works across a variety of streaming platforms including Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more. Install through either Google Chrome or Firefox, and either video call or text your friends while you binge-watch your favourite series together… but apart. An added plus is that many of the paid features have seen a price drop due to the increased demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Netflix Party

This Netflix add-on runs through Google Chrome and has over half a million users across the world, making it the most popular group streaming app. It’s free (although you will need to have an existing and active Netflix account) and allows synced video playback and conversation with other viewers through a chatbox.


Metastream is almost identical to TwoSeven but it’s free! Don’t get too excited though, as the plugin is still in its developmental stages with a few tweaks to still be fixed. The beta version works with Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and many more streaming favourites. It’s also very user-friendly, has timestamp markers so you can go back to your favourite scenes, and you can invite additional viewers simply by sending them an invite code.

While staying on the couch all day certainly has its limitations (there really can be too much of a good thing!), we hope the added excitement of sharing your go-to lockdown activity with friends will keep you entertained and connected while you practice social distancing. From all of us at TRRC, stay safe and plugged in!


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