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At surface glance, your keyboard may look clean, but to be honest, it’s still corona time, and it could definitely benefit from a good clean. You never know what’s lurking underneath your keycaps. From eating snacks, to sneezing and continuing with your typing or gameplay,*shudder.* Having stuff under your keycaps can make typing feel weird, and if it’s an integral part of your day-to-day, which for most, it is, we suggest at least giving it a brush down.

Here’s how to get your keyboard free of dust, crumbs and oil:

#1 Keyboard dusting

Keep your keyboard consistently dust-free by making use of a variety of tools. On the market there are smaller dusters specifically for removing particles from your keyboard (plus you could even brush stuff off with an old toothbrush!), a gooey slime that gets all the dust to stick to it – which you can just rinse off afterward – or even sprayable air to blast off the nasties on and under your keys, making them as good as new for typing. We all hate keys getting stuckkkkk. This kind of cleaning can be done on the daily.

#2 Polishing

Get the oily finger marks off of your keys by using a microfibre cloth and some antibacterial anti-static spray (there’s specific ones for computers, don’t just use anything, please.) Spray some on the cloth and gently wipe your keys. Nice and fresh!

#3 Take it apart

Okay, this is more of a ‘certain keyboard’ kind of thing. If you have a mechanical keyboard, you can pull your keycaps off to do a thorough clean underneath all of your keys, in between all the cracks and crevices. Carefully take off your keycaps and place them alongside in the order that they were in originally (trust us, mistakes have been made by not doing this step). Then, carefully brush and shake out the dust and crumbles that have made a home underneath your keys. There are even mini USB vacuum cleaners that you can use to suck out the grime! Once it’s cleaned to your satisfaction, pop the keycaps back on, give it a final wipe and there you have it! Squeaky clean keyboard.

These steps can help you to lengthen the life of your keyboard, have it be smooth and sleek while typing AND germ-free! (Didn’t you know that keyboards are on par with your phone with how germy they are, yuck :)). Happy cleaning!

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