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If you were left slightly underwhelmed, or indignant, by Apple’s new AirPods (wireless earphones), this might cheer you up; Apple has been granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to design new headphones that double up as portable speakers!

Here’s what you need to know.

It works on orientation

Apple says it will put sensors in the earphones as to detect which position they are in so as not to get the two modes (speaker/headphones) mixed up.

Understandably, this could be rather excruciating to the user if not executed properly!

It operates with a sensor and button

You have the choice of using an automatic sensor to detect whether the device is being utilised as headphones (on your head, obviously) or whether you want to take it to speaker level. It will also come with a button which manually allows you to select this.

It comes with specialised amplifying circuitry

This special circuitry is what gives it its speaker-worthy (louder) status. The circuitry will run through a head strap.

It will have speakers on the ‘inside’ and ‘outside’

To make the amplified sound bigger and omnipresent, of course. It also seems like Apple will be incorporating Bluetooth technology into the design.

A clip-on design is also in the works

Apple will use the patent already implemented on AirPods and EarPods, the only difference being that this prototype will be much smaller than the headphones.

It is unknown when or if Apple will make this available on the market

Apple tech-junkies speculate that Apple still has much pioneering and innovation to do on the AirPods; for now, the product will remain a pipe dream for Apple lovers.

We do, however, feel this is something to look forward to!

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