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Our The Real Repair Company headquarters, in Uppercamp Road Maitland, recently got a brand spanking new look! We started renovations late September and officially reopened our doors late October 2018 – Now ready to take on new patients!  

Our look and feel is bright and inviting with pops of our signature red accent colour. The quirky imagery, and modern finishes showcase the The Real Repair Company personality perfectly. We welcome all iBabies and Huawei devices that need some TLC to pop by for a visit.

Our experienced technicians will get your iPhone, iPad, iPods and Huawei devices back to their original glory in no time. We pride ourselves on our 1 hour repair commitment, so help yourself to a lovely warm cup of Vida e Caffè coffee and your trusty sidekick will be back in your hands in no time.


We also sell original accessories for your tech babies on-site! Feel free to do some retail therapy while you wait.

So for all your iFamily emergencies visit the The Real Repair Company HQ located at the M5 Freeway Park, Uppercamp Road, Maitland from Mondays – Friday | 8:30 AM – 17:00 PM and Saturday  | 9:00 AM – 13:00PM.

Call us at: 086 123 7263



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