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There are 8 different ways that you can choose to lock/unlock and keep secure your Samsung smartphone. Which one you choose ultimately comes down to the one you prefer the most but below are some descriptions to help you choose. To set up your lock screen settings go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security.


The Swipe-only option is the most unsecure of the security options. This allows you to swipe on the screen to unlock the device and doesn’t require a password. If you want your phone to be easily accessible, you can choose this option.


A long-used method of locking phones is with a pin. Due to its success, this is a secure way to lock your phone, just make sure no one figures out the pin.


Similar to a Pin, you can set up a password. Having a password rather than a pin allows you to use a larger variety of numbers, letters or symbols to secure your device and prevent people from guessing the code.


If you prefer not to type anything but like to swipe your screen, you can set up a pattern. This allows you to create a specific pattern which in-turn unlocks your device. Although quite secure, a few people use similar patterns so try to be unique if you want to make this more secure.


A very secure way to unlock your device is by fingerprint. Since your fingerprint is unique, this means you will be the only person able to unlock your device. It is also an easy way to unlock your device since you only have to hold your finger on the phone while unlocking.

Iris Scan

The iris scan, much like the fingerprint is a very secure method of unlocking your phone since your irises are unique. It is also very simple since you just have to look at your phone while unlocking it for it to work.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition takes the characteristics of your face to unlock the device. This is also a very secure option to lock your phone as well as simple to use.

Intelligent Scan

Finally, the intelligent scan option. This option is probably the most secure of all options as it combines both an iris scan and facial recognition to unlock your device. Just like the iris scan and facial recognition, it makes unlocking your device very fast and easy as well as safe.

For a few of the options, you will need to set up a backup pin, password or pattern option in case something goes wrong with one of the other methods. Your device will be secure with any of the protected methods, so take your pick on which you prefer.


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