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Below are hidden gesture which now available on your iPhone (6s 6+ 7s & 7+)

3D touch

  1. Press on the left edge of the screen and drag all the way to the right edge to switch directly back to the previous app
  1. On the now playing screen in the Music or Podcasts app, drag a finger horizontally across the artwork to scrub through a track; move your finger up or down vertically to speed up or slow down your scrubbing speed


  1. In the calendar app, tap and hold on an event in the Day view to drag it around and change the time of the event


  1. In the Calculator app, swipe on the numbers to clear them.


  1. After opening an image, swipe down on it in the Photos app, Messages app and other apps to close it and return to the previous view.


  1. Tap the bottom edge of the screen in the Safari bring toolbar and URL bar into view.
  2. Tap and hold on the “+” at the bottom of the tab view in Safari to see a list of all the recently closed tabs.


  1. Zoom in and out on videos using the same pinch gestures you use on photos.


Source: | image: shutterstock

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