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 For the “Boss” on the go.

You can now expand your Firefox web browser to use Notes by Firefox, which is a note-taking app that automatically syncs your account between your Android device and desktop — which means you can take your notes with you wherever you go.



For the aspiring Photographers.

Your phone’s default camera should be more than capable but it can be helpful to have a few more settings and options to play with. ‘Moment’ gives you those controls, adding full manual mode with control for ISO shutter speed, white balance, and more!



 For just about anyone!

AutoPick is a great way to turn physical documents into digital ones. The app allows you to scan paper documents, after which it’ll turn those documents into text that you can edit, copy, and paste.



For the explorer!

Want to know what’s happening near you? Meetup Now is a way to find local events and invite your friends to join you.



 For the Musicophile.

Spotify is the best full-featured streaming service. With Spotify, you can stream music, make your own playlists, follow artists, and sync tracks for offline listening.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading! 

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