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The Apple iPad launched five years ago but in many ways, we’re still not taking full advantage of its capabilities. Here are 4 different ways to use your iPad:

1. Split-screen multitasking

The most interesting functionality is a new addition, the split-screen multitasking that offers the opportunity to work on more than one platform at a time, making it a lot easier to multitask. Two apps will be displayed side-by-side on the iPad’s screen, allowing you to view multiple documents in pages. Split Viewing apps are only available on the iPad Air 2 and later iPads.

Here’s how it works:

2. Second Display

The iPad is basically a large touchscreen display, so you can use it as an extended desktop display for your personal computer. In this way you can use your iPad as an additional screen or as a second monitor mirroring your personal computer.

3. Recipe book.

The same goes for an unused iPad as a great recipe book. Attach it to a wall in your kitchen as a permanent recipe book filled with your favourite recipe apps. Pinterest has great ideas for creatively using your iPad in various ways.

Photo Credit - Pinterest

Photo Credit – Pinterest

4. Radio

If your iPad is going unused because you’ve upgraded, then you can simply purchase a set of Bluetooth speakers and your iPad becomes your dedicated radio and music system.

Photo Credit - Pinterest

Photo Credit – Pinterest

Do you have other innovative ideas on how to use an older iPad? Please share them in the comments section below.

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