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If you have a business and use Instagram for this purpose, you are bound to have seen the new Instagram Business Profile. So what is it, what does it entail, and should you get it? Read on to find out:

What is it?

While it doesn’t have as many features compared to other platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, there is certainly perks to making the switch.

Firstly, before the Business Profile, the only means through which businesses were able to drive followers to their website was by requesting that they click on the link in the bio.

When you provide contact information for your business account, a contact button automatically appears in your profile. Your followers now simply need to click that button, and are given the choice of emailing or calling you, and can also find your location on a map.

The insights icon, at the top right of the screen, gives you a range of analytics. Impressions, reach, and follower information within the past week are available for all Instagram profiles; as a Business Profile, the tool also includes your analytics for individual posts.

How to get it

If you access your profile, by clicking on the bottom-right icon on your phone’s screen, you will receive a message at the top of your profile if the option to transfer to a Business Profile is available to you.

Click on the ‘Learn More’ button. This will initiate the transition and give you the option to learn more about the Business Profile features, which include an in-depth look at the analytics option, but also promotions.

These include photo ads, video ads and carousel ads (similar to photo ads, but includes a series of photos which your followers are able to scroll through, like a photo album).

Why it’s useful

You still engage with your followers in the same way, but now you have an array of options to explore.

You can showcase your products/services, personalise your brand by including behind-the-scenes photos of, say, your work area and your employees, ask your customers to post photos of themselves linked to your business (everyone loves selfies!) and post special offers and deals on your profile.

While this feature is still in its development stage, it is certainly a social media-related business move that is worth making!

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