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“If only they could see what I see”– the infuriating phrase you’ve probably snarled at your laptop time and time again. Whether it be friends, family, lecturers or colleagues, you’ve probably been wanting the perfect way to showcase exactly what you’re doing on your PC, and boy, do we have a solution for you. 

Want some even better news? Screen recording on your Mac is free! Here are our top screen recording tips and tricks to get you logging your activity like a pro.

On Mac, an app named QuickTime Player can be used to fulfill all of your recording desires. Once you’ve located and launched QuickTime, simply click File then New Screen Recording. A Screen Recording tab should pop up on your screen showing a red record button with a drop down arrow located next to it. Select this arrow to choose whether you’d like to record with no sound (for which you’d select None) or with sound (by selecting Built-in Microphone, or your preferred connected recording device).

Once you’ve hit the record button, you can choose the section of your screen you’d like to record. When you’re done with your recording, you can click the record icon now located in your menu bar next to the WiFi or Bluetooth icons to end the recording.

Select File and then Save to move your recording to a specific folder. 

If you’d like to just take a screenshot, hold Shift, Command, and 3 for the whole screen or Shift Command 4 to take a cropped screenshot.

If you can’t quite manage to work your iOS recorders, here are some other apps for you to make the magic happen: 

Having a screen capturing tool at your disposal is incredibly valuable in today’s technology driven age. Make sure that you install and test your screen capture software for the next time you’re in a pinch when trying to show someone exactly what’s on your screen.

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