The Real Insurance Solution

Hardly a team to rest on our motherboards, we have changed our brand name from the Cellucity Mobile Device Insurance to THE REAL INSURANCE COVER. Delivering on the simple promise of VALUE AND CONVENIENCE, ensuring you peace of mind, knowing your device is comprehensively covered for any eventuality.

With THE REAL INSURANCE COVER, we not only offer protection for loss and theft, but our national network of REPAIR centres can get you fixed up and back up and running REAL QUICK. Our team source best of breed REAL, GENUINE, ORIGINAL parts to repair your beloved Apple, Huawei or Samsung device.

Our dedicated online support team are available to give you advice or assistance and our retail team are real confident that we’ll get you back up and running, QUICKSTICKS. Whether you require an insurance repair or replacement, with 30 branches nation-wide we offer you real insurance service. No BS!

Insurance Pricing

Insure your phone from R25pm

Insure your Tablet from R25pm
Insure your Laptop from R25pm

In Partnership With

Insurer: Constantia Insurance Company Ltd (FSP: 31111)

Broker: Econorisk Broker Consultants (Pty) Ltd (FSP: 38267)

Underwriting Manager: Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd (FSP: 36841)

Constantia Insurance Company Ltd, Administration Plus (Pty) Ltd and Econorisk Broker Consultants (Pty) Ltd are Authorised Financial Service Providers.

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