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Feel like the mobile data on your Samsung device disappears far sooner than you imagined it would? There might be a very good reason for that. Some apps on your Samsung Smartphone may be tapping into your data usage, even when closed! Luckily, there is a way to stop these sneaky data suckers from leaving you with a skyrocketed data bill at the end of the month. Here’s how to restrict your background data usage, and prevent apps from causing lingering data usage.

What is Background Data?

Foreground data is used when actively using an app, such as posting an image to Instagram or streaming a video on Youtube. In contrast, background data is used by apps that aren’t active. A prime example of background data usage occurs when an app regularly refreshes to check for notifications. If background data usage is restricted, the app will stop refreshing in the background, meaning you will have to enter the app to see new notifications, however it will also significantly reduce your overall data usage.

Restricting Background Data

Go to Settings on your Samsung device and select Connections. Next, go to Data Usage, and from there to Background Data. Find the app you want to restrict, and click the toggle next to it to deactivate its background data usage. You can then proceed through the list of apps and restrict the ones that you don’t want to be using background data. This means that the apps will not use data unless active in the foreground, or connected to a WiFi network.

Restricting background data on even a few apps will definitely help reduce your data usage costs. This is especially useful for apps that are known to constantly refresh in the background for new notifications, such as Facebook, Youtube and other big names. Let us know how much you save by following these simple yet effective steps!



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