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It’s the latest buzz amongst Huawei fans: the EMUI 12 software update is being rolled out with a range of new and improved features! We’re about to give you the lowdown on what’s new so that you can understand exactly what all the hype is about.



The update’s first eye-catching feature is the new minimalist design, including rounded corners and gradient overlays that create unmatched depth and a sophisticated but refined final aesthetic.


Subtle Motion


The improved animation effects are subtle yet realistic, including imitations of gravity and magnetism. The smoothness of the motions reflect celestial movement for optimal touch interaction and visual experience.




Design fundis will be pleased to know that the update now supports adjustable font weight with a slider so you can set your perfect font style. You can now have full control over your UI labels.




Notifications now have their own separate center! This cuts out the step of accessing them through the Quick Settings panel, allowing you to know what’s happening while you’re on the go.




Similar to Super Device from the Harmony era, this new feature can be accessed through Control Panel, or by tapping on MatePad, to enable multi-screen collaboration, so you can call, message and browse photos on linked devices, such as a tablet or laptop, as well as on Huawei Vision smart TVs! You can also connect earbuds in order to listen to sound played using the Device+ feature.




Privacy and security remain a priority with the EMUI 12 update! You can now unlock your phone from a trusted connected device, such as a laptop or smart watch.

Before you get excited, see if your device is compatible with the current rollout, which you can check here. Be sure to let us know which of these features is your new favourite!

Source: Huawei Central

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