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Considering a mobile phone upgrade? It’s possible someone you know has recently acquired the new iPhone 7, or 7 plus. Apple announced its new cellular device in September 2016. We’ve highlighted its best new features:

Improved battery life

The iPhone 7 reaches nearly 2 hours of additional battery life, and the iPhone 7 Plus gets an extra hour.

New colour options

The iPhone seven is, amongst others, available in Black and Jet Black. If the look of the device matters to you, this is certainly a logical new innovation.

Solid state home button

The new home button isn’t a pressable button, but instead is solid, sunken and responds to touch. While it only allows you to navigate through skin contact, you have the option of purchasing capacitive gloves; that is, gloves that are modified to respond to the skin-sensitive touchscreen.

It’s waterproof

To a certain extent. Basically, it can survive being submerged up to one meter in water, and still be salvaged and able to function. While this doesn’t mean you can take a dip with it, it does bring the assurance that it won’t fail should you drop it, say in the toilet bowl.

No earphone jack

While the efficacy of this one is debatable, the iPhone 7 allows you to listen to music with wireless earphones, called AirPods. It does, however, mean you’ll need to purchase the AirPods, separately, but is innovative in the sense that you no longer have the hassle of dealing with additional earphone cables.

Better speakers

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has stereo speakers that are two times louder than previous models.

Brighter screen

Apple claims that the new iPhone’s screen is 25% brighter than previous models.

And there you have it – the iPhone just keeps getting better and better!

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