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Apple has been gradually infusing the iPhone Photos app with some amazing and fun new features. It’s really much more than the basic default gallery app of old – here are our favourite new features. 


Search Your iPhone Photos Like a Pro


You likely have an extensive collection of pictures and videos, numbering in the thousands. Luckily, the app includes useful search and filtering tools to assist you when looking for specific content. You can effortlessly search for “cat” to pull up any pictures of felines, and even search for text present in photos. 


Enable the “Hidden” Photo Album


You may not want to share your photos and videos with everyone. To safeguard your privacy, the app has a protected album called “Hidden,” which requires a password to access. You can also choose to hide the entire album for added security.


Batch Edit Photos and Videos


Editing photos on an iPhone can still be time-consuming if you have multiple images to edit. The Photos app offers a helpful feature that enables you to duplicate edits from one photo or video to another. This way, you can edit one image and apply it to numerous others, saving time and effort.


Identify Objects in Photos


If you’re ever unsure about the identity of a plant or animal you’ve photographed, the Photos app has a handy feature that can help you out. By looking for the sparkle icon located above the “Info” button, you can use the app’s identification tool for plants, animals, art, and landmarks. Very cool! 


Scan Text from Photos


The iPhone Photos app, also has the ability to recognise and extract text from photos. This function can be handy if you want to copy text from a photo and use it for other purposes. To use this feature, open a photo that contains text and tap on the scanning icon located in the bottom corner. Once the app recognises the text, it will highlight it, and you can then select, copy, and even translate it if you wish.

There you have it! What a time to be alive, hey? 

Source: How-To-Geek

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