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We all know how exhausted we are by the end of the day, how quickly our minds clog up with the buzz of recent WhatsApp messages, drafted emails, and half completed to do lists. Even though we may not think we’re drained, come 8pm when we’re settling into a new Netflix series or catching up on voice notes from friends and family, there’s still something missing. In the fast paced nature of daily life, how many of us actually motivate ourselves to get up and get moving? 

Often we’re put off investing into our health and fitness because it requires a fair bit of input from our particularly sad looking bank accounts. Except that it doesn’t have to. One of the best parts of living in 2020 is that we’re offered up some of the finest fitness and health apps that the world has ever seen! And the best part? They don’t require a penny from your pocket. Whether you’re keen on yoga, interested in strength training or fascinated by HIIT circuits, we’ve summed up a few imaginative apps to help you kickstart your fitness journey and remind yourself of the limits you’re able to push this year. 



This sleek app allows you to choose from various workout plans, track your workouts, and gain coaching tips as you progress. You’re able to create challenges for yourself and for a couple of your exercise buddies that you want in on the action. If you’re up for setting yourself some running goals, the app allows you to track your routes and explore alternative ones. Community challenges connect you to various other members and allow you to compete for some snazzy fitness gear.
An alternative app to try: JEFIT   iOS Android



This official app proves super handy if you don’t have much time to spare. The various workouts follow a HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) programme with each workout consisting of 12 exercises, each 30 seconds long. The structure of the workouts allow you to improve your muscular and aerobic fitness without spending half your morning wishing you hadn’t had that extra burger last night.
Alternative app: Literally any other 7 minute workout app around. 



This app works on a “You get what you give” basis – the more effort and time you put in to train, the quicker your virtual coach is able to adapt your training programme to suit you. You’re able to select from multiple workouts depending on your goals, whether they be gaining muscle, staying active, losing weight or a combination. This app boasts its benefits by providing customized meal plans to suit your body type and fitness goals. If you’re unsure of where to begin or want to know more about where and how to start your journey, this app also provides you with a blog section delving into health, wellness and fitness tips and tricks
Alternative app: 8Fit . IOS  Android



We couldn’t forget about the aspiring yogis out there which is why this app should be one of your first picks. It showcases hundreds of yoga and meditation classes allowing you to choose from 7 different sections ranging from “Get Toned” and “Meditate with Gurus” to “Selection for the Pros”. You’re also able to track your progress and save your workout sessions to remind yourself of your accomplishments. The app provides an array of tunes for you to download making for some ideal meditation music or some relaxing sleep melodies. I’d give it a shot if I were you.
Alternative app: Down Dog Yoga   IOS  Android



Asana combines all the best of the best to bring you a multipurpose fitness platform serving a range of interests from yoga, HIIT and flexibility training, to strength building, mental wellness and stress relief. You’re able to filter your way to the top by selecting your workouts according to your goals, duration, intensity, and collection. If you’re more of a visual learner, the app provides video tutorials which are consistently updated to ensure that you experience new and exciting content. The app also encourages you to clear and sharpen your mind by offering daily quizzes, and even delivers helpful info on how to regulate your sleep cycle.
Alternative: FitOn   IOS  Android

Have at it and try one or a combination of these amazing apps until you find the right fit for you and your lifestyle. It’s time you treated yourself to a good old endorphin high!

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